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Jane Hope joins La Maison Simons Advisory Board

“Fashion has been our passion since 1840. A uniquely different and inspiring fashion retailer, we are known for offering the most sought-after styles and looks from the world’s design capitals and providing a level of service available nowhere else. For five generations we have been renowned for our devotion to customer care. Today, our more than dozen stores are a dazzling tribute to architecture, art, attentive service, and to a shopping experience second to none.”
– Richard and Peter Simons

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Outside Thinking creates The Canadian Bureau of Foreign Apologies to raise awareness for missed conservation goals.

In 2010, Canada signed the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s Biodiversity Targets, promising to protect 17% of our land for nature by 2020. We’re nowhere near that number, and time is running out. It’s time to apologize.

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Ruisseau Jackson, aire protégée


Ruisseau Jackson Nature Reserve brings 215 acres of new conservation to Morin Heights

Project is latest in series of municipal, developer, and community collaborations.

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Dwell Awards


Dwell Magazine Best of Design Awards: Best Kitchen Nominee

Judged by architects Gisue Hariri, Risa Boyer, and Josh Blumer, the Best of Design 2018 Awards recognizes the most inspiring projects featured by Dwell this year across seven categories. In addition to a jury-selected winner and runner-up, each category features one community pick that is chosen by the public.

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Codelife: Life can take a Turn


CodeLife: Montreal General Hospital launches $100-million fundraising campaign

The campaign is being promoted by three, 15-second ads that are being shown online and on television.

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Les Usherwood Award


Les Usherwood Award for Lifetime Achievement

Each year, the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, on behalf of a jury of independent professionals, presents a lifetime achievement award to someone who has made a major contribution to the Canadian creative community. This award is named for a man who was a friend and model to many: Les Usherwood.

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Jane Hope: Codelife

Spark a rebrand

The Montreal General Hospital Foundation Now: CodeLife

The new brand, CODE LiFE, aims to build greater awareness of our cause and attract potential new donors. The ultimate goal is to help ensure sustainable financial support for our mission to provide vital support for vital care.

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Jane Hope designs a ski chalet

Design a ski chalet

1960s house gets a facelift and the whole family smiles.

Gazing out at the view, you begin to make connections. The silver roof and spire of the Cathedral in the village below, is echoed in the standing steel roof and siding of one wing of the house. The historic auberges that dot the landscape are inspiration for the cedar shingled roof and siding of the other wing.

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Jane Hope: Jewelry design

Renew a classic

Collaboration with Emilie Trudeau, Jewelry Designer

Custom interchangeable white gold links lend a modern flair to a string of black pearls.

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Jane Hope, The voila foundation

Give back creatively

Co-founder of the Voila Foundation

The Voila foundation provides a unique combination of creative thinking and financial support to help solve issues affecting society through direct involvement in projects and programs aimed at delivering measurable change.

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Jane Hope designs a kitchen in Mexico

Design a kitchen in Mexico

A fresh canvas for a creative chef.

The tiny service kitchen was doubled in size, opened to the vast gallery like home and equipped with commercial grade appliances.

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Jane Hope, Market Healthcare

Market healthcare

Jane Hope named Marketing Chair

Member of the board of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation

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Jane Hope designs a Lake house interior

Design a lakehouse interior

Decades old décor hid good bones.

Some original, some local, barn beams span new openings to welcome light, views, and family gatherings.

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Celebrate new thinking

A new award program for newbies

The HOPE AWARDS recognize the contributions of newcomers to question the status quo and affect positive change.

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Jane Hope curates an art collection for Amazon

Curate an art collection

Amazon Art at Grand Central Terminal

A handful of connoisseurs curated collections shown in New York City and online to mark the launch of Amazon Art.

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Jane Hope: Ruisseau Jackson, aire naturelle protégée

Ruisseau Jackson, aire naturelle protégée


A community-based movement to raise awareness, change lifestyle habits, influence zoning and development, and to create partnerships with public and private environmental organizations.

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Jane Hope in Misc Magazine

Misc magazine

Anatomy of a workplace romance

Hope dispenses wisdom from Joni Mitchell — a woman not unfamiliar to those circumstances: “Two heads are better than one.”

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Jane Hope at the White House

White House Office of Public Engagement


A cross section of creative thinkers from advertising, entertainment and publishing met at the Obama White House to brainstorm on innovative strategies and messages to communicate the Affordable Care Act to Americans without health insurance.

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Taxi design in Marketing Magazine

Marketing magazine

Taxi turns 20

How many kisses? That and other important lessons from the founders of TAXI on the occasion of their 20th anniversary.

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Article sur Taxi dans Infopresse


Taxi a 20 ans, douter pour avancer

TAXI a vu le jour il y a 20 ans. Paul Lavoie, en compagnie de Jane Hope, revient sur le chemin parcouru par l’agence et evoque celui à venir.

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Jane Hope in the Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail

Mad Women of Advertising

Despite lingering sexism, a growing number of women are grabbing the reins of Canada’s ad agencies, an industry with an annual economic impact of $15 billion per year. Here are six of this country’s mad women who are making changes from the top.

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